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Customer Service is our priority...
Owned by:  Chris & Kari Slater, Paso Robles, Ca. 
Herdsman: Christian Slater and James Purkey  
assist. herdsman: Layne Drake Slater 
Some of our SRG prospects raised here at SRG

California Spectacular Elite Show Pig Sale & Field Day
March 24, 2018
Paso Robles Event Center
Indoors at the Ponderosa Building
Check the SALE page for more info.

Excited about our new Farrowing and nursery barn. New barn has concrete floors with half containing the farrowing unit and the other half the nursery pens. 

We would like to announce that we have taken on a partner here at Salinas River Genetics. Mr. James Purkey will become part of the team here at SRG. Mr. Purkey attended High School here locally at Arroyo Grande High and was heavily involved in the Ag program. He started his first swine project actually from a gilt from us. He raised several litters out of her and then when he left for college gave her to us. She has been one of our foundation sows we call Mouse. He was also instrumental in bringing our herd boar Obsidian to us from Ottenwalters. James has been attending Chico State where he will be graduating in May. He was a member of the Livestock Judging team and received many honors. James also worked for Ottenwalter Show Pigs while attending Chico State. He will be returning home in May and hopefully becoming a Rep for Mooreman's feed. We are excited to have James as a partner here at SRG with the knowledge he has obtained throughout the industry. Our emphasis will be to have the best sows we can produce or find and provide you with the best show pigs around...
                                                                                                  Chris & Kari Slater
Salinas River Genetics Announcement:
                                                                 We provide for all exhibitors and customers the following: 

Show Pigs :
        We currently have a few pure bred lines:  Spots, Duroc's  and Yorks. We also carry a good selection of x-breds. These showpigs are very competitive and sired by both our boars and using some of the elite show pig sires across the country. 

Feeders and Roasters : 
        We sift out of all crops of pigs with the best going for show pigs and the remaining sold for feeder and roaster pigs.

Breeding Stock  :  
        We are always raising stock for replacements gilts and boars. We don't have big numbers of them but if you are looking for replacements let us know and we can breed to supply your needs.

Semen Sales:
        We also provide semen sales from our herd boars. Currently we do not ship (yet) but can be picked up at the ranch here in Paso Robles. We are located just off the Hwy 101  so it's a quick in and out. If you would like semen please give us notice ahead of time and we will make every effort to provide what you need. We breed mostly for our two local fairs here in Paso Robles and Santa Maria and also for NJSA Western Regional and Arizona National so usually have semen on hand during those breeding periods. Give us a call and we will help you the best we can. We do not take any sows in for natural breeding or loan boars out.