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Owned by:  Chris & Kari Slater, Christian Slater            Paso Robles, Ca.   
assist. herdsman: Layne Drake Slater 
California Kid X Ottenwalters great Oklahoma sow
​                                                    (Deceased)

The 2016 Fair show pig season will be here soon so start making your plans and you need to give us a look before spending all your money on those out of state pigs. There are many firms right here in Calif. that have equally competitive hogs and you don't have to pay those shipping fees. Most of all we are excited about what our own boar "Obsidian" is putting on the ground. He is definitely passing on his genetic makeup so come look us up before heading east. We also have used our Pure York boar we call Can't Touch This (Untouchable son) and he has put a outstanding set on the ground for those May/June Fairs. We also have an Obsidian son we call California Chrome, a blue butt boar that we think can get it done. He was used heavy for July/August fairs.
Unfortunately we lost Obsidian last week but we have a couple of sons out of him that are just as promising that we will post pictures of soon. He sired numerous champions and we have retained numerous daughters out of him so he will not be forgotten. 
We just purchased another great Ottenwalter boar who is out of 
Colt 45 and Renig. James was instrumental in bringing Obsidian to our program and he did an outstanding job for us. I asked James how good is this boar compared to Obsidian and his immediate answer was better. That has us excited. 
So "Black Powder" will be arriving here at SGR on March 19th and we will be posting pictures of him.
Check out our sale page for 2016 show pig sales. We have some exciting news to go along with our sales so check it out.
Some of our SRG prospects for King City 1/18/2016
Well we finally got everybody together for what looks to be a great sale with a lot of really great pigs for the offering. All in one location you will have some outstanding breeders offering you the best in the barn for your selection. Included with this is the OH Kruse Swine Field Day sponsored by OH Kruse/ High Noon / Western Milling Feeds. field Day will consist of discussions on selection, nutrition, fitting and showing of your swine project. this will be an outstanding informational field day for both exhibitors and leaders to learn more about their projects.

California Spectacular Elite Show Pig Sale and Swine Field Day
Sunday, April 3, 2016
Paso Robles Event Center
In the Canopy Building just south of Jimmy's Watering Hole
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