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(California Kid  X  Ottenwalters great Oklahoma sow)
Our new purchase from Ottenwalters Show Pigs. Thank you to Russell and Mark for making it possible to bring this great boar to Salinas River Genetics. He is a show pig sire no doubt... Huge bone, lots of mass front to back and structurally correct. We plan on using him heavy for our 2015 pig crop. We really enjoy showing him off to visitors. The first words out of their mouths is Wow, look at the width and bone size on this boar! His first pigs will be shown mid July so stay tuned for results.

California Chrome : (Obsidian  X  Chrome).      SRG Genetics
This SRG raised blue butt is out of one of our foundation sows we call Mouse. Biggest thing with this boar and the reason we are going to use him a lot for fall pigs is his structural correctness. 

Reference Sires
This Smack Down son has huge bone, massive front end, huge top and can walk all day.  Lots of really good pigs out of him lately.

Golden Ticket (Struck Gold X Fortune)
 in partnership with Gardner Farms we purchased from WD Swine.
Excited about our new addition to our boar line up. He is out of Red Eye from Crossroads Genetics and a sow we acquired from Kyle Dadson (Small Town Genetics).