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                           "In it to Win It"
Don't have to have big numbers, just have to breed them right.
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 Salinas River Genetics Females
3-7  Cadet 14-3 (STG) X  Chrome (Hi-Point )
21-1 Purebred Duroc 
Honey Badger X Texas Stud
21-3 Purebred Duroc 
Honey Badger X Texas Stud
Buc Dandy x Honey Badger daughter.
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Buc Dandy x Honey Badger daughter.
X-bred Ottenwalter Gilt
We have been slowly developing our herd with daughters from Obsidian (California Kid son) and California Chrome. Our Durocs are all from the original two we bought from the Schulars out of Indiana. These Honey Badger X Texas Stud sows have done well for us with 3 of there daughters placed in the herd out of our Buc Dandy boar (Big Buck). The Baja sow continues to be one of our best showpig produced. We added a really good spot gilt this year and looking forward to what she produces. Our herd also includes two purebred yorks one from Baade/Penner The Bachelor X 20-20 and the other from Ottenwalters make Daddy Happy X Cloud 9. These are being bred to our "Can't Touch This" boar.

Obsidian X Buc Dandy X Honey Badger 
Obsidian X 7-6 Daughter
2-5 York The Bachelor x 20-20
  Pure York:  Make Daddy happy x Cloud 9
Sunshine & Whiskey x Limitless York
Ideal Drop Shot x Mouse 3-7