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                           "In it to Win It"
Don't have to have big numbers, just have to breed them right.
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 Salinas River Genetics Females
3-7  Cadet 14-3 (STG) X  Chrome (Hi-Point )
132-3 Sunshine & Whiskey x Limitless York  
Duroc Sows
Spot Sows
York Sows
X-bred Sows
10-3 Drop Shot son x Cadet 14-3
Hamp Sows
1-6 Spot    Praise 63-2  X  Kentucky Bourbon

5-2  Can't Touch This  x  Metaflight
2-1     Obsidian  x  Speechless                            
128-8    Ottenwalter xbred                                     bred to X-Ray Vision farrowed 1/9/19
6-8  California Chrome  x  Big Alias                 
 49-4  The Jack (Bone Collector from Duelms)     bred to Visionary son farrowed 1/16/19
1-3  Golden Ticket  x  Ca. Chrome                        bred to X-Ray Vision farrowed 1/8/19                                  
 120-4    Brown Sugar  x  Neon Lights                    bred to Muddy Waters farrowed 1/20/19
93-6  Oti xbred                                                       bred to High Stakes farrowed 1/10/19                                                  
 94-1    Ottenwalter xbred                                    bred to Barn Cat farrowed 1/10/19
3-4  Shine On  x  Can't Touch This                     bred to Calif. Chrome farrowed 1/4/19
190-13  Hold My Phone                                         bred to Angry Eyes farrowed 1/4/19
132-3 Sunshine & Whiskey                                    bred to Highway farrowed 1/9/19

5-2      Can't Touch This  x  Metaflight
230-1  Leaps and Bounds  x  Gas Money 21-7
229-2  Leaps and Bounds  x  Best Yet 7-7
102-2  duroc gilt
5-9  duroc gilt
104-5 duroc gilt   Clydesdale  x  King of Queens 4-4
72-1  Small Town Genetics
5-2 litter
Litter sired by Adrenaline 12/30/18
132-3 Litter sired by Highway 1/9/2019
Unfortunately we lost this ole girl which was one of our foundation sows last week. She produced lots of champion pigs and breeding gilts for us. 
49-4 xbred sow The Jack from Duelm's
Sired by a son of Visionary owned by Bill Stewert
Born 1/16/19
Litter sired by Times Up 12/30/18
102-2 litter sired by Cool Max
farrowed 1/10/19
5-9 litter sired by Get On Board
farrowed 1/16/19